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VIDEO: Thomas Partey mocks Manchester United after defeat to Newcastle

Watch Thomas Partey mock Manchester United.

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Image Credit: Getty Images

Thomas Partey makes a joke about Manchester United after their defeat to Newcastle United at St James’ Park yesterday.

Manchester United lost the game 2-0 and are now in the midst of a battle to secure a Champions League spot for next season, after apparently being in a title only a month ago.

Arsenal are now 22 points above the Red Devils in the Premier League table.

Thomas Partey was out eating dinner and couldn’t help himself but make a joke about the result which a lot of Arsenal fans have loved seeing on Twitter this evening.

Thomas Partey:

“In celebration of United’s loss.”

@nowarsenalThomas Partey mocks Manchester United after their defeat to Newcastle! This is too funny!🤣♬ original sound – now.arsenal

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