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Premier League star gives reasons why Arsenal will not sign Ivan Toney

Troy Deeney has given his reasons why he believes Arsenal will not sign Ivan Toney in the summer

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Arsenal target Ivan Toney
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Arsenal’s search for a striker this summer seems inevitable, with the club reportedly eyeing reinforcements to bolster their attacking lineup. While the performance of Arsenal this season has been commendable, there’s a prevailing sentiment that a clinical number nine could have propelled them to greater heights in the Premier League.

Enter Ivan Toney, the Brentford striker who has emerged as a strong contender for Arsenal’s summer recruitment. With just a year remaining on his contract, Toney has attracted significant interest from Arsenal, keen on adding the England international to their ranks.

However, doubts over the feasibility of this potential move have surfaced, particularly highlighted by comments from Troy Deeney on Ben Foster’s Podcast.

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Deeney raised concerns about the potential cost of acquiring Toney, suggesting a hefty price tag of £90 million to £100 million. More importantly, Deeney questioned whether Toney’s outspoken personality would align with Mikel Arteta’s vision for the team.

“I reckon this year you’re looking at £90-100m,” Deeney remarked. “I think they know they will sell him. Even on that, because he has personality and because he’ll say something back, I don’t think people want him.


“I look at Arsenal and Arteta wants a certain type of player, someone who falls into line, works hard, and does all of this. Does he have to bend a bit to put Ivan Toney in there? And that’s the crossroads Arsenal are at now.”

Deeney’s observations shed light on Arteta’s preference for players who conform to a certain ethos of discipline and dedication. Given Arsenal’s recent history of parting ways with outspoken individuals, including Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Toney’s outspoken nature may pose a challenge in fitting into Arteta’s system.

Toney’s candidness in the media raises questions about his potential compatibility with Arsenal’s current environment. While his on-field prowess is undeniable, there are concerns that his outspoken persona could clash with Arteta’s managerial style.

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