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Manchester City star admits to having sleepless night because of Arsenal this season

Manchester City star has revealed that Arsenal have given him sleepless nights this season in their bid to retain the Premier League title

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has recently revealed the toll that the current Premier League season has taken on his sleep patterns, citing insomnia induced by nerves and excitement as his team battles Arsenal for the title.

Despite Manchester City’s track record of dominance in recent years, Walker admitted to feeling the weight of expectations as the title race reaches its climax. With Pep Guardiola’s side in pole position to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive league title, the pressure is palpable, and Walker confessed to experiencing sleepless nights ahead of crucial matches.

Reflecting on the intense atmosphere surrounding key fixtures, Walker emphasised the emotional rollercoaster that players endure in such moments. “I think that maybe sometimes people forget we are humans and the emotion, the nerves, the adrenaline, it’s all running through your body,” he stated candidly. 

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The expectation and pressure leading up to decisive games, such as the pivotal clash against Tottenham, have left Walker scrambling for rest amidst a whirlwind of emotions.

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker (Image credit: Getty Images)

Drawing on his wealth of experience, which includes multiple league titles and a Champions League triumph, Walker highlighted the importance of mental resilience in high-pressure situations. As a senior figure in Manchester City’s dressing room, he stressed the collective effort required to navigate the challenges of a gruelling season. “It’s not a solo sport. We are all in it together,” Walker affirmed, underscoring the team’s unity and shared determination to succeed.


Looking ahead to the final showdown against West Ham, Walker issued a lighthearted warning to his teammates, urging them to avoid a repeat of past last-day dramas. Recalling a nail-biting comeback against Aston Villa, he quipped, “Don’t go 2-0 down!” while emphasising the need for composure and focus in the face of adversity.

In acknowledging the competitive spirit of their rivals, particularly Arsenal, Walker paid tribute to their dedication and hard work under manager Mikel Arteta. With both teams vying for the title, Walker expressed a mutual respect for their counterparts and emphasised the importance of fair competition.

“All I want is the best for the club and all I want is the best for the bunch of lads in there. A lot of the time we get the result we want and they work their socks off.

“I’m not saying Arsenal don’t do that. They do, because I know Mikel and the lads there and they put the hard work and dedication in. Whoever wins the Premier League come Sunday deserves to win it so may the best team win.”

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