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The Ultimate Invincibles Quiz

Think you know about the Invincibles? Try our Ultimate Invincibles Quiz and put your knowledge to the test

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The Ultimate Invincibles Quiz

Do you think you know everything about Arsenal's famous Invincibles season? Take our Ultimate Invincibles Quiz and put your knowledge to the test!

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A nice and easy one to start with. In what season did Arsenal become the Invincibles?

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Who were Arsenal's kit sponsors in that season?

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Arsenal brought 7 new players in that summers transfer window. But which player arrived first?

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Who was the most expensive signing that season?

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Arsenal legend and former no. 1 David Seaman had left the club in the summer before. But which club did he leave to go and join?

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The Gunners actually started that pre-season with a defeat. But who did they lose to?

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In the season's curtain raiser, Arsenal were defeated by Manchester United on penalties in the FA Community Shield. But what was the result?

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The Premier League season started with a 2-1 victory over Everton at Highbury. But which Arsenal player was sent off in the game?

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Who were the first team to take points from Arsenal in that Premier League season?

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Arsenal famously faced Manchester United at Old Trafford in a match that was later labeled the 'Battle of Old Trafford', where Ruud van Nistelrooy missed a penalty and Patrick Vieira was sent off. But in what minute did van Nistelrooy miss the penalty?

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After only claiming 1 win in their first four games of the UEFA Champions League season, Arsenal played Italian giants Inter Milan at the San Siro and won the game convincingly. What was the final score?

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In both domestic cup competitions, Arsene Wenger's team would ultimately fall at the semi-final stages. But who knocked the team out of the Football League Cup?

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Between January and April, Arsenal dropped points against only two teams. One was Manchester United. Who was the other?

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How many goals did Thierry Henry score during Arsenal's 5-0 win against Leeds?

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Who did Arsenal draw against to officially be crowned Premier League champions?

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Who knocked Arsenal out of the UEFA Champions League that season?

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Who scored the winner in a 2-1 victory over Leicester on the final day to make sure Arsenal finished unbeaten?

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Who finished as runners-up to Arsenal in the league?

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Which Arsenal Invincible made the most Premier League appearances in the 2003/04 season?

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Who was Arsenal's second-highest scorer in the league behind Thierry Henry?

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Although Arsenal suffered no defeats that season, how many draws did they achieve?

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Before The Gunners, who were the last team to go undefeated in an English league competition?

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How many Arsenal players were sent off in the Invincibles season?

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In the aftermath of the Invincibles season, several players left the club before the new campaign got under way. But who sold for the highest amount?

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