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Bukayo Saka Mini Quiz

A quiz all about Bukayo Saka. Can you get 10/10?

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Bukayo Saka has signed a new long-term contract at Arsenal, keeping him at the club until 2027.

Here is a mini quiz to see how well you know the Hale End academy graduate…

Think you can get 10/10?



Bukayo Saka Mini Quiz

After Bukayo Saka has just signed a new long-term contract at Arsenal, here is a quiz testing your knowledge on the Hale End graduate!

How well do you know Bukayo Saka?

1 / 10

What team has Bukayo Saka scored his most Premier League goals against since making his Arsenal debut?

2 / 10

Which team has Bukayo Saka never beaten throughout his Arsenal career in the Premier League?

3 / 10

Who did Bukayo Saka score his first Premier League goal against?

4 / 10

Bukayo Saka has the most joint goal participations with which player throughout his Arsenal career?

5 / 10

Bukayo Saka has spent the most minutes on the pitch alongside which Arsenal player?

6 / 10

How many goal contributions does Bukayo Saka have in 2022/23 in the Premier League?

7 / 10

How many penalties has Bukayo Saka scored for Arsenal in the Premier League?

8 / 10

Who were the three teams Bukayo Saka scored his Premier League penalties against?

9 / 10

When is Bukayo Saka's birthday?

10 / 10

Bukayo Saka has only not started one Premier League for Arsenal this season. Who was that game against?

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