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Zinchenko names the two Arsenal players who never pass the ball

Oleksandr Zinchenko has joked about how two Arsenal players do not pass the ball.

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Oleksandr Zinchenko has joked about how two Arsenal players do not pass the ball to their teammates during games.

The Ukrainian has been described by many of his teammates as the funniest player in the squad. Gabriel Jesus has previously said that Zinchenko is the one always joking around and bringing the jokes to training ground.

Earlier this season, Granit Xhaka praised the dressing room influence of Oleksandr Zinchenko following his arrival from Manchester City in the summer.

“Everyone has their own character, their own quality. Alex Zinchenko is the guy who is as well funny, you can joke with him.”

We had a meeting before the Liverpool game and he was speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking. Because he was sitting behind me, I was thinking: ‘When are you going to stop’. He’s a lovely guy, he’s very open. We need this type of person in our team.”

Zinchenko has brought a great energy to the Arsenal dressing room, as well as being one of the funniest members of the squad. This time it was club captain, Martin Odegaard and Rob Holding to be on the end of one of the Ukrainian’s jokes.

Zinchenko sat down for a quick game of Fantasy Football Showdown on the Ultimate Champions Youtube channel and has joked about how Martin Odegaard and Rob Holding do not “pass the ball.”

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If you watch the video, all the smiles come out, and jokes are made in a game called ‘Touches.’ The game’s objective is to name the player with the most number of touches during a game.

You will get many touches of the ball when you are a passing maestro and a midfielder always looking for the ball, which perfectly describes Martin Odegaard. In the game, Zinchenko picks Trossard to have 55 touches vs. Leeds, however when the host informs that it was Odegaard, Zinchenko jokes and says…

“He has more! He never pass the ball, he never pass the ball!”

After, when Rob Holding had the most touches in a game, Zinchenko bantered: “That’s what I’m saying; you never pass the ball!”

It’s great to know the Arsenal players have a great connection and bond when they can joke about funny games like this.

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