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Tony Adams makes SHOCKING comment about Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta

Tony Adams believes Arsenal might have won the Premier League title last season if Emery was in charge 

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Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams has compared the managerial capabilities of Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta, suggesting that Arsenal might have clinched the Premier League title last season under Emery’s leadership. 

Adams highlighted the Gunners’ commendable performance last season, leading the league for 248 days before eventually being overtaken by Manchester City, who claimed the title with a five-point lead.

Arteta, who took over in December 2019, has seen relative success during his tenure, securing 116 wins out of 200 games. His predecessor, Unai Emery, managed 43 wins in 78 games at Arsenal and has displayed his managerial prowess since taking over at Aston Villa in October 2022. 

Adams, while acknowledging his admiration for Arteta and his managerial style, hinted at Emery’s potential impact last season, stating, “Last year, weirdly if Unai Emery was our manager then we could have perhaps won the league.” He emphasised Emery’s experience and the missed opportunities that might have hindered Arsenal’s chances of securing the title under Arteta.

Adams also expressed his support for Arteta, while praising the manager’s passion and enthusiasm. He suggested that Arteta’s inexperience might have affected crucial decisions, particularly in managing the team’s rotation during the latter stages of the campaign. 

Speaking on talkSPORT, the former captain said: “I love him. I love his passion and enthusiasm. I’ve always said he’s a little bit inexperienced and perhaps needs to draw on someone in his staff who is a little more experienced.”

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Adams believes that altering the starting lineup more frequently could have kept key players fresher, citing instances like Bukayo Saka showing signs of fatigue towards the end of the season.

“I’m talking about going across the line last season. We all make mistakes and aren’t perfect. He perhaps didn’t rotate players early enough last season. People were running out of steam, like Bukayo Saka. I think he’s doing great.”

Emery, reflecting on his time at Arsenal, identified several challenges that impacted the team’s performance, including issues surrounding captaincy, the struggles of high-profile signings like Nicolas Pepe, and internal matters like the Ozil-Kolasinac incident. Despite feeling positive about the team’s progress in his first year, Emery acknowledged shortcomings in the second year, particularly in defensive stability and overall competitiveness.

“I am clear about my diagnosis and we did good things there. I think we had a good first year, taking two competitions well as Europa League and Premier League,” Emery told Marca a few months after being sacked.

“The process was good. When we played possession, we did it; when we had to press, we did it. And we were competitive, playing as the game required. With moments of possession game and moments of three quick touches.

“This second year, we have not played well. We have not defended well. We have not been competitive, we did not transmit – and I told the players myself. There were several problems: four captains; the Ozil-Kolasinac case; Pepe’s signing, who needs time since he came from France. We didn’t play well, that’s for sure.”

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