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Thierry Henry sends title message to young Arsenal squad

“Keep calm, keep calm, keep calm. Just believe in what you did since the beginning.”

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry
Image Credit: Getty Images

Arsenal’s record goal scorer, Thierry Henry has recently spoken to CBS Soccer to discuss all things Arsenal, including what he thinks of the current team, what they have to do to win the the title and why he was involved with Daniel Ek in a potential takeover a couple of years ago.

Thierry Henry won the Premier League twice at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger in 2002 & 2004. He’s a player who knows how to win so any advice he has for this young Arsenal side will mean everything to them, especially considering the lack of title winning experience in the current side.

Joringho, Gabriel Jesus & Oleksandr Zinchenko are the only three current Arsenal players to win a Premier League title. They’re experience is going to be vital as the youngest team in the league attempts to do something no Arsenal team have done in 19 years. As well as that, any advice from the outside will be invaluable and what a better person to learn from than a man who’s respected as the King of Arsenal Football Club.

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Thierry Henry on what Mikel Arteta has changed at Arsenal:

“What fans don’t understand is when they don’t see a team that fights. They don’t see themselves in a team that doesn’t represent the community. Edu, the board, Mikel Arteta, whoever, however you want to call it, brought that back.

Are we going to win the league? I don’t know. But it looks like the Arsenal I know. At the end of the day, you can’t fool fans, they scream, they’re there and they have that attitude because they see something, that’s why they’re loud. It’s a different emotion.”

Thierry Henry hasn’t always been supportive towards the Arsenal board, as not that long ago he attempted a potential takeover of Arsenal Football Club alongside Spotify owner, Daniel Ek who is a massive Arsenal fan. Things have changed drastically since then and the Arsenal legend has spoken on the events that led to that decision being made…

“At the time [Ek] wanted to offer a solution to the fans, who were all saying ‘sell, sell, sell’ but sell to who? We offered a solution, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m an Arsenal fan, let’s win. It doesn’t matter. We were there to offer a solution, you want it, you don’t want it, it doesn’t matter.

Now everything is ok, why would anyone want to disturb anything [by changing owners]? It’s all I wanted. Whether it was me in or me out I wanted Arsenal to be successful. That’s the main point.”

Thierry Henry on potentially covering Arsenal in the Champions League next season:

“It’s going to be annoying! Doing Arsenal games, oh man. Have you seen Jamie sometimes, he can’t even speak. When Man City lost against Real Madrid, Micah was just looking at the ceiling. That will be me.”

Finally, Thierry Henry spoke about what he thought of the current Arsenal team so far this season and gave them advice on what they need to do in order to sustain their title push until May.

Mikel Arteta’s side currently sit top of the Premier League table, two points clear of Manchester City, with 15 games left the play.

This Arsenal team is one point behind what the Invincibles were on at the same stage, after 23 games played. That’s how well Mikel Arteta and his players are performing right now and Thierry Henry says as long as they replicate that and stay calm, they can start to dream come May.

“I’ve been there. You’re going to, during the season, have bad games, and it didn’t happen for little while. Yeah, we lost against Man United. You’re not going to win for a week or two weeks, it will happen. It’s not how you fall, it’s how you go back on your feet and how you stand after that.

“So, you lost against Man City. Is it shameful? No, it is not. Was it a decider? It might be. Everyone wanted to see if you could, you didn’t. Relax, relax. That doesn’t mean you’re going to now blow everything away and not keep the ship steady.

You have to stay there. We still have a game in hand, but keep calm, keep calm, keep calm. Just believe in what you did since the beginning.”

For the full interview with Thierry Henry on CBS: CLICK HERE.

Image Credit: @now.arsenal

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