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Theo Walcott impressed with Mikel Arteta’s new training ground mentality at Arsenal

Theo Walcott is very impressed with what Mikel Arteta has introduced to Arsenal training sessions that has changed the players’ mentality

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Former Arsenal winger Theo Walcott
Image credit: Getty Images

Former Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has expressed his astonishment at the winning mentality displayed during Arsenal’s training sessions, despite the team’s recent disappointing 1-0 defeat to Porto.

The Gunners faced a setback in their Champions League campaign on Wednesday, succumbing to a narrow loss away at Porto. Despite having opportunities to secure a victory, Arsenal conceded a late goal from Galeno, resulting in a disappointing outcome for Mikel Arteta’s side.

However, Walcott believes that Arsenal will bounce back stronger, attributing their resilience to the intense training sessions overseen by Arteta. 

Speaking on BBC Radio Five Live, Walcott noted the high expectations placed on Arsenal, saying that every player is driven by a desire to win, even in training drills.

According to Walcott, Arteta’s influence has instilled a culture of excellence within the squad, where every player strives to perform at the highest level. He commended Arteta’s commitment to maintaining high standards and suggested that the team’s winning mentality will continue to drive them forward.

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“They’re expected to win every game they go into now,” said Walcott. “I’ve seen them up close when they’re training and no-one wants to lose, and that’s a training game, it’s a training drill and everyone wants to do it at the highest level and that’s how Mikel operates, he operates at the highest level.”

Reflecting on Arteta’s tactical decisions during the Porto match, Walcott speculated on the manager’s trust in the squad’s depth. Despite making only one substitution, Walcott questioned whether Arteta could have utilised more players from the bench to secure a more favorable result.

“We were speaking about the squad depth that Arsenal have before the game, but now looking back, does Mikel Arteta trust the players outside of that starting XI? He only made one substitution tonight.

“It could have been a game where he decided to shut up shop even more and brought off the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, who were not as effective as they could be tonight.”

Looking ahead to the second leg at the Emirates Stadium, Walcott expressed confidence in Arsenal’s ability to advance, citing their recent strong performances and the supportive atmosphere at home matches. He predicted a more open game and anticipated Arsenal’s comfortable progression to the next round of the Champions League.

“But I am confident that given Arsenal’s overall form at the moment and the atmosphere in the Emirates, they will still be able to go through quite comfortably.

“I don’t think the second leg will be as tight as this, I think it will be open and Arsenal will get through.”

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