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The incredible Islington story behind Arsenal’s third kit

The Arsenal away kit is inspired by the map of Islington.

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Once upon a time, in the vibrant borough of Islington, London, Arsenal Football Club and Adidas decided to embark on a journey to celebrate their roots and showcase the rich culture of their home. It was the year 2023, and the club was eager to bring their supporters and the world closer together through their shared love for football and music.

The idea for the launch of Arsenal’s third kit began to take shape when the designers drew inspiration from the map of Islington itself. The fluid black lines on the bold and eye-catching shirt represented the journeys that Arsenal supporters made from their beloved home borough to follow their team on away days across the country. It symbolized the unbreakable bond between the club and its fans, no matter how far they traveled.

To bring this creative concept to life, Arsenal set up a fictional transmission station deep within the iconic Emirates Stadium. From this station, they planned to broadcast Islington’s finest talents to the world, with the help of an ensemble of local artists. These artists included musicians, such as the UK rap artist AntsLive, who was a passionate Arsenal supporter, eager to set the world alight with his music.

As the campaign unfolded, local artists like AntsLive, Scratcha, Theo Ellis, Mabel, Sherelle, and the Islington Youth Choir, along with celebrities like Ashley Walters, Asa Butterfield, and a cameo from Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp, all joined forces to represent the vibrant north London culture. This diverse collaboration showcased the creativity, style, and cultural influence that emanated from the Arsenal family and its global supporters.

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The accompanying video, broadcasted through Islington FM, captured the essence of the Islington community, celebrating its talent and uniting the Arsenal family worldwide. In this video, prominent Arsenal players such as Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, William Saliba, Alex Zinchenko, and Gabriel Martinelli also made appearances, further cementing the connection between the team and its supporters.

Gabriel Martinelli, one of the Arsenal players featured in the video, expressed his excitement and admiration for the new shirt design. He loved how it brought to life the style and spirit of Arsenal, celebrating not only the club but also its incredible supporters and the roots in north London.

“I love it! It’s a fresh look and it really brings to life the style of Arsenal,” Martinelli said. “Our supporters are incredible and it’s great that Adidas and the club have created this design to celebrate them and our roots in north London. I can’t wait to get back on the pitch in our new away shirt.”

AntsLive, the passionate Arsenal-supporting UK rap artist, felt honored to be part of the launch and have his music featured as the soundtrack. For him, it was a testament to Arsenal’s commitment to supporting culture and connecting with their fans worldwide in unique ways.

The new away kit was not only stylish but also technologically advanced. The on-field version was equipped with HEAT.RDY technology, ensuring optimal comfort for players during high-stress performances. The replica version featured AEROREADY technology, designed to wick away sweat and keep players feeling dry.

Moreover, Arsenal and Adidas demonstrated their dedication to sustainability by constructing the shirt with 100 percent recycled materials, contributing to the effort to end plastic waste.

The grand reveal of the new men’s team away kit took place during the club’s US tour, as Arsenal geared up to play against the MLS All-Stars in Washington D.C. on July 19. It is a momentous occasion that will mark the start of a new chapter, showcasing the Islington culture and uniting Arsenal supporters worldwide.

And so, with their creativity, style, and love for football and music, Arsenal and Adidas successfully launched the third kit, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage while celebrating the heart and soul of Islington. This bold and vibrant shirt is more than just a piece of football attire; it is a symbol of unity and passion for the Arsenal family, no matter where they traveled in their footballing journey.

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