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The hidden details inside the new Emirates Stadium artwork

Arsenal have unveiled the new artwork that is set to surround the exterior of the Emirates Stadium.

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It’s been a long time coming but Arsenal have finally unveiled the new artwork that is set to surround the exterior of the Emirates Stadium.

The previous artwork hadn’t been updated since the stadium opened in 2006, 17 years ago now and was mainly player oriented. However that’s all changing with the new designs portraying fan representation and will provide a more family feel to Arsenal’s home.

After taking down the original wraps the stadium has been left bare over the past couple of months. The installation of the new eight pieces of art will begin on the 12th January 12 continue over the forthcoming weeks.

The hidden details:

  • A total of 721 supporters are featured
  • It takes Reuben Dangoor 45 minutes to sketch each individual in the scene, meaning that it will take an estimated 32,445 minutes to illustrate the full piece.
  • There are jockeys and boxers immortalised within the crowd scene after Highbury hosted an annual boxers v jockeys match during the 1950s for the Sportsman’s Aid Society. “The jockeys used to literally run between our legs and some of them were right little tricky fellas, who would give as good as they got on the physical side too,” said legendary heavyweight Henry Cooper.
  • Other notable supporters include Arsenal’s beloved Maria Petri who followed the men’s, women’s, and academy teams with unrivalled passion before she passed away last year, and Florrie Burgess, who is famous for attending the first ever Arsenal game played at Highbury on September 6, 1913.
  • 87 legends feature (including all of the 32 legends that featured on the previous stadium artwork).
  • 62 men & 25 women
  • Over 50 hidden details
  • Over 150 supporter groups across six continents
  • 200 hand-created banners and flags across all eight artworks (of which 187 are on ‘We All Follow The Arsenal’).

[all details via Football London]

Each piece of art celebrates Arsenal’s rich history, community values and its relentless pursuit of progress, as shown in the Instagram post below.


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