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Stan Kroenke arms Arsenal with financial war chest ahead of the summer transfer window

Arsenal have received a massive financial injection from owner Stan Kroenke that will enable the club to spend in the summer

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Mikel Arteta with Arsenal owners Kroenke
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Arsenal have received a substantial financial injection of £172 million following the conclusion of the 2022/23 Premier League season.

The Premier League’s recently published annual report details the distribution of funds among clubs, revealing the significant earnings Arsenal secured.

The club’s impressive performance throughout the 2022/23 campaign, where they secured a second-place finish behind Manchester City, contributed significantly to their financial gains. Arsenal received £32.1 million from the UK pot for their finishing position and an additional £27 million from international revenues.

The distribution of funds includes merit payments based on finishing positions in the table, broadcasting revenues that are divided evenly among clubs, and additional revenue derived from facility fees and television appearances. 

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Arsenal’s matches were broadcast 28 times on live TV in the UK, second only to Manchester City’s 29 appearances, resulting in a substantial income of £31.2 million from UK broadcasting rights and £48 million from international broadcasting rights.

Facility fees added up to £24.5 million, with an extra £9.4 million coming in the form of a central commercial payment, consistent for every club in the league. While each club received a base amount of £88.6 million, additional revenue was influenced by performance and broadcasting decisions.

Owner Stan Kroenke has significantly bolstered the club’s financial reserves, witnessing an additional £83.6 million added to the coffers. Arsenal’s total earnings for the season reached £172.2 million, positioning them just £4 million behind the top earners, Manchester City.

Compared to the previous season, where Arsenal finished fifth in 2021/22, the club is approximately £10 million better off this year. 

As the summer transfer window approaches, the focus now shifts to how Mikel Arteta will utilise these funds to strengthen the squad. 

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