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Robbie Savage picks Arsenal star over Mohamed Salah in the top three players of 2023

Pundit Robbie Savage has picked his top three players of 2023 in the Premier League, placing Arsenal star ahaed of Mo Salah

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As 2023 drew to a close, football pundit Robbie Savage shared his assessment, naming the standout performers of the year, with Declan Rice securing a podium spot alongside Manchester City duo of Rodri and Erling Haaland.

Highlighting Rice’s remarkable achievements, Savage lauded the Arsenal midfielder’s exceptional contributions over the past 12 months. Rice, who clinched the Europa Conference League title with West Ham earlier in the year, swiftly became a linchpin in Mikel Arteta’s squad following his summer transfer, setting a club record with a staggering £105 million fee.

During a discussion on BBC 606 podcast, Savage unveiled his rankings, positioning Rice as the third-best player of the year. However, his choice sparked a bit of contention as his co-host, Chris Sutton, advocated for Mohamed Salah’s inclusion.

Defending his decision, Savage outlined Rice’s impact, stating, “I’ve got Rodri as number one, Erling Haaland as number two and then number three I went Declan Rice. Massive pricetag, brilliant season for West Ham, won a European trophy, and he’s been brilliant at Arsenal.”

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Declan Rice

Robbie Savage believes Declan Rice had a better 2023 than Mohamed Salah (Image credit: Getty Images)

Sutton, however, raised the absence of Salah from Savage’s list, prompting a debate on the merits of various players’ contributions throughout the year.

Savage also ccknowledged Rice’s overall impact, emphasising the midfielder’s performances throughout the year cemented his place among the Premier League’s elite talents, solidifying his status as one of the top players in the league during the past 12 months.

Declan Rice bid farewell to West Ham on a high note, winning the UEFA Conference League on his final appearance for the club before embarking on a fresh chapter in north London. Since his arrival at Arsenal, Rice has seamlessly adapted to his new environment, showcasing stellar performances, although experiencing a slight dip in form in recent matches. Despite this, he remains one of the Gunners’ standout players in the current season.

He has made 26 appearances for the Gunners, scoring three times and providing two assists in all competitions this season.

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