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Ray Parlour gives honest assessment on Arsenal’s Champions League chances this season

Arsenal legend, Ray Parlour speaks on The Gunners’ chances of winning a trophy this season, the Liverpool game and more.

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Ray Parlour has recently been speaking to NetBet Sports Betting following the Gunners 3-1 victory over Liverpool on the weekend. The Arsenal legend gave his thoughts on the huge victory, the season as a whole, whether he thinks the Gunners will win a trophy this season and more…

Ray Parlour on Arsenal’s incredible win over Liverpool: “It was brilliant. It has really ramped it up and the players really responded. Those are the sort of days you want to be at the Emirates for, when they’re winning games like that it just gives everyone a lift.

“It was a big game and I know that people say ‘oh they think they’ve won the league already with the celebrations’ but they knew that if they lost that game against Liverpool, they are out of the title race.

“That’s why it was a bigger game for Arsenal than it was probably for Liverpool, because being at home as well, you have to put one over them, especially after the FA Cup defeat. I was a little bit optimistic before the game but I didn’t expect it to pan out like that, how they played. I think they deserved it.”

Martin Odegaard

Martin Odegaard really enjoyed the win over Liverpool [Image Credit: Getty Images]

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You mentioned about people picking up on those Arsenal celebrations. What do you make of the celebration police: “Of course you have got to enjoy those moments, you get into the hype with the fans. The fans must have been buzzing knowing they beat Liverpool, who are going very well at the moment and are top of the league.

“I think it was a must-win game. And if not a must-win, you can’t lose the game. They know that if you can win, it certainly puts a statement out there. There’s a long way to go yet but if they’d lost that game yesterday, I think that was a title race over – Liverpool think they’re going to win the title.

“So I think it was more relief, really. People are thinking ‘they think they’ve won a league already’ No, we’ve not won the league. You’ve got Manchester City, and they are still the ones to beat for me. But certainly you’ve got to enjoy the moment.

“You have got to enjoy beating a really top side like Liverpool. I know they didn’t have Salah, but it’s still a very good side, especially with Klopp as well. I think you’ve got to celebrate. I celebrated into the early hours of the morning!”

What do you think Arsenal have a better chance of winning this season – the Champions League or the Premier League: Oh, good question. Certainly you’ve got to fancy Arsenal for something now. And it’s all about a little bit of luck along the way, really. I think if you’re an Arsenal fan, as I am, I would rather win the Champions League.

“I’m being honest, because that would be the first time they’ve ever won it. So I do believe they can do it. Definitely go on both fronts. But if I had to pick one, I’ll go Champions League.

“The Champions League is all about the draw and who you get. You want the big sides to draw each other. Like Manchester City, Bayern Munich, or someone and then one of them gets knocked out and then you’ve got a chance.”

What do you make of Arsenal’s title chances now: “If they’d lost the Liverpool game it was all over. But I still think Man City are the ones to beat, if I’m being honest, they are the ones with know-how and are getting all their players back.

“But Liverpool will certainly be there because of the Klopp situation. So I think Liverpool are still going to be banging it right at the end of the season, but it just gives Arsenal another chance. As I said before, that was a big game and a huge win.”

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