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Pundit says reliable Arsenal star is technically very gifted

Pundit Tony Cascarino says that Arsenal star who has improved remarkably this season is technically very gifted

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Trossard - Arsenal celebrating
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Arsenal have undergone a notable evolution, transitioning from a solid yet unremarkable start to a formidable force on the pitch. 

The Gunners, who initially relied on late goals to secure crucial wins against formidable opponents such as Manchester United and Luton, experienced a dip in form over the festive period, suffering defeats to teams like West Ham and Fulham. 

However, since the turn of the year, Arsenal’s resurgence has been nothing short of remarkable.

Under the stewardship of manager Mikel Arteta, Arsenal have emerged as a dominant force, bulldozing past nearly every opponent in their path in recent weeks. The team’s marked improvement has not gone unnoticed, with pundits and fans alike acknowledging the significant strides made by Arteta’s side.

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Central to Arsenal’s resurgence has been the stellar performances of German midfielder Kai Havertz, whose transformation has been particularly noteworthy. Speaking on The Game Football Podcast, Tony Cascarino highlighted Havertz’s recent improvement and the impact it has had on Arsenal’s form.

“Chelsea fans weren’t moaning or complaining at all. He’s one of those players who’s hard to pigeon-hole in a position,” remarked Cascarino. “You have to say he’s technically very gifted, he’s reliable, he’s a moments player where every now and then he can remind you how good he can be. 

“He’s improved over the season. In the early months at Arsenal, we saw the Chelsea player that Chelsea fans witnessed, but what’s happened in recent weeks is he’s just come up a level.”

Havertz’s resurgence marks a significant turning point in his career, with the German international showcasing newfound confidence and consistency on the field. Long regarded as an enigmatic talent, Havertz has finally found his stride at Arsenal, excelling in a role that maximises his abilities and allows him to flourish.

For the first time in recent memory, Havertz appears to have unlocked his full potential, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future contributions at the Emirates Stadium.

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