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Pundit compares ball distribution ability of Arsenal goalkeepers David Raya and Aaron Ramsdale

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Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya

Pundit Adrian Clarke has compared the ball distribution ability of Arsenal goalkeepers David Raya and Aaron Ramsdale amidst keen competition for the first-choice spot.

Clarke believes that Aaron Ramsdale’s prowess in possession is underrated and compares favorably to David Raya when it comes to distributing the ball.

This season has been challenging for Aaron Ramsdale, who signed a new contract with Arsenal last season but found himself displaced by the arrival of David Raya on loan from Brentford.

Raya claimed the number one spot, relegating Ramsdale to a peripheral role for much of the campaign.

Despite Ramsdale’s limited opportunities, Clarke argues that the English goalkeeper’s distribution skills should not be overlooked. He recalls Ramsdale’s impressive performance against Leicester a couple of years ago, highlighting his ability to deliver pinpoint passes into midfield.

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While speaking on Handbrake Off, Clarke acknowledged Raya’s strengths but insists that Ramsdale’s technique in striking the ball is on par with, if not comparable to, Raya’s.

He suggests that Raya excels at drawing opponents towards him before threading passes through tight spaces, whereas Ramsdale possesses similar technical abilities and confidence in distributing the ball.

Aaron Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale has lost his spot to David Raya (Image Credit: Getty Images)

“Look, Ramsdale’s distribution is good as well. Don’t forget it. I’ll never forget the performance at Leicester a couple of years ago where he was zinging passes into midfield. Ramsdale is a brilliant distributor in my view,” Clarke said.

“I think he’s more comfortable at luring opponents onto him and playing through gaps than Aaron Ramsdale. I think Aaron Ramsdale’s technique at striking the ball is almost as good, if not just as good as David Raya’s personally.

“David Raya has got a ping on him. David Raya can do the 70-yard launch over a high back four very well actually. But I don’t think there’s much. Raya is more suited to saying, ‘come on then, come and get me,’ and then he’ll just pass it into someone through bodies. But I think in general, David Raya’s more confident now. His passing’s now better. Everything’s better about his game,” the Pundit remarked.

With Ramsdale facing stiff competition for the starting position, his future at Arsenal remains uncertain.

Clarke suggested that keeping Ramsdale as a backup goalkeeper next season may prove challenging, as he is likely to leave Arsenal in search of a regular first-team opportunity elsewhere.

Given Ramsdale’s all-around capabilities, including his distribution skills, several clubs are anticipated to be interested in acquiring him during the upcoming transfer window if he decides to leave.

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