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Per Mertesacker provides update on Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal future

“His ambition is one day to go somewhere and coach a first-team, but I’m not letting him at the moment.”

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Jack Wilshere, former Arsenal star, was forced to retire after his long struggles with injury. However, he has returned to Arsenal as the U18s coach and has been doing really well. 

He recently guided his young side to an FA Youth Cup final which is a great achievement during his first year as a coach.

Jack Wilshere as a player was extremely talented. While injury damaged his career, it certainly did not damage his talent and knowledge of the game which he is now passing on to the youth team. 

Per Mertesacker, director of Arsenal youth academy, was the one who backed Wilshere to take the role nearly a year ago. While speaking to the Evening Standard Mertesacker suggested that he will not let Wilshere go anytime soon.

While speaking to the Evening Standard, Mertesacker said:

“I was praying that Jack would turn up for the interview and be himself, so that was a moment when the truth comes.

It was brilliant to see him presenting himself, what he stands for, what he wants to be like, what coach he wants to be, how he wants to play. I don’t regret it whatsoever, putting him in front of the people.

He delivered in that moment and he’s delivered in many other moments which have got him to the final.

His ambition naturally is one day to go somewhere and coach a first-team, but I’m not letting him at the moment.

I think it’s important to be ambitious, but I think he respects the process so much more now.”

Mikel Arteta also has been impressed with Wilshere’s coaching. The outcome of the Youth Cup final will not change the fact that Jack Wilshere has done a really impressive job with the youth academy in his first year as the coach.

It certainly is encouraging to see that Arsenal are not just producing great young talents playing football but also talented young and rising coaches. As a long time Arsenal fan, it certainly is good to see Wilshere having a promising future in not just Arsenal but also football yet again.

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