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Mikel Arteta highlights what Manchester City result will give to Arsenal players

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has discussed the impact of the goalless draw against Manchester City in the Premier League on his players

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta
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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has expressed optimism after his team’s hard-fought draw against Manchester City, believing it will inject “belief” and “momentum” into their pursuit of the Premier League title.

In a closely contested match at the Etihad Stadium, Arsenal managed to secure a valuable point, maintaining their position above City in the league standings. Despite trailing behind leaders Liverpool, who secured a victory over Brighton earlier on Sunday, Arsenal’s resilient defensive performance against City showcased their potential as title contenders.

Arteta highlighted the significance of the draw, stressing how it instills confidence and momentum within the team. He praised the players’ determination and hunger for success, noting their self-critical mindset and desire to continually improve.

“It generates belief,” he said. “It continues the momentum and the good position that we’re in.

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“The fact that the boys are there and they want more and they’re demanding individually from themselves saying, ‘I could have done better, I haven’t done this as well as when we trained’ – that tells you just how much the boys want it.

“We’ll try our best to continue what we’re doing.

Reflecting on the match, Arteta underscored the importance of tactical discipline and readiness to execute the team’s game plan against a formidable opponent like Manchester City. He acknowledged City’s status as one of the best teams in the world, recognizing the challenge of surpassing them in the title race.


“Are you ready to follow 30 passes? And then after regaining the ball, lose it and follow another 30 passes? Yes? If so then you are ready to play Manchester City. It’s that important. If you’re not ready to do that then you cannot play them.

“[City] are the best team in the world, in my opinion, by far. They have the best manager in the world by far. To catch up and try to better than them is the challenge ahead of us.”

While acknowledging the progress Arsenal has made in competing against top-tier teams, Arteta wants his team to take further steps to secure victories in crucial matches.

“We are improving, we are competing better and we are understanding how to compete in these games.

“There’s another step to make to win championships and that’s that you have to win. Today we were able to draw and we have to improve a lot still to win.”

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