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Mikel Arteta explains why Kai Havertz has hit top form in recent games

Mikel Arteta has explained how Arsenal are helping Kai Havertz despite his struggles to settle in

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Mikel Arteta, Kai Havertz
Image credit: Getty Images

In recent matches, Kai Havertz has emerged as an important player for Arsenal, and Mikel Arteta sheds light on the reasons behind the German’s recent stellar performances.

After netting a crucial late winner against Brentford and initiating Arsenal’s goal spree against Lens, Havertz has showcased a remarkable week. Despite a prolonged settling period at the Emirates, the last week has indicated a significant turning point in his performance.

Arteta attributes this transformation to the club’s unwavering support for Havertz as he adapts to the team dynamics. 

“First of all, we support him like with any other player and then we give him the tools and the time to excel his qualities and I think that’s what he’s doing,” commented Arteta. He emphasised Havertz’s growing efficiency in front of the goal, acknowledging his continued positive contributions to the team’s dynamics.

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Notably, Havertz’s demeanour on the field might seem reserved compared to his teammates. Arteta hinted at Havertz’s potential struggle with confidence amidst adjusting to new surroundings and teammates.

However, Arteta praised Havertz for his influence on the team, highlighting his positive impact off the ball and within the squad. 

“He’s been very positive and so influential in a good way to his teammates and the team,” continued Arteta. “But obviously [now] he’s confident and he’s really looking forward.

“When you feel loved, when you feel respected and when you feel admired, things are much easier. Your energy is better, your body language is better. I think that’s the way he’s felt in the last few days,” noted Arteta.

In a gesture of acknowledgement and encouragement, Arteta ensured Kai Havertz received recognition from the away supporters, despite the player’s preference for staying out of the spotlight. 

Arteta stressed Havertz’s humility, stating, “He’s very respectful and he’s not someone that wants to be there in the front line, or at least he doesn’t show it in that way.”

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