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Micah Richards never knew about one staggering Arsenal Champions League record

The former City defender said he was surprised to know how long it took for the Gunners to achieve one ‘now celebrated’ stage in the Champions League.

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Micah Richards Arsenal
Image Credit: Getty Images

Former footballer turned pundit, Micah Richards, expressed astonishment upon learning about Arsenal’s recent Champions League qualification feat. The North London club secured a spot in the quarter-finals for the first time in 14 years with a win over Porto on Tuesday.

Speaking on the Rest is Football podcast, Richards admitted his shock at discovering this statistic, highlighting Arsenal’s impressive journey in the prestigious European tournament.

“We talked about stats and all that sort of thing. I didn’t know myself that Arsenal have not been to a quarter-final for about 14 years, which was staggering for me to hear,” he remarked.

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Mikel Arteta hyped the feat as a ‘big step’ immediately after the shootout victory over FC Porto on Tuesday night when he stated, “It’s another big step, especially as a club. The last seven years we haven’t been in this competition, the last 14 we haven’t been where we are today. That’s the difficulty of it, the best thing is we are not satisfied, we want more and we are going to try to go through the next round for sure.”

David Raya

David Raya saved two penalty kicks against FC Porto to help Arsenal achieve the feat Richards is suprised about. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Arsenal’s resurgence in the Champions League marks a significant milestone for the club, and now it goes on with a quarter-final date against a team that has posed challenges for the Gunners in past seasons.

Despite facing Bayern on eight occasions since 2013, Arsenal managed only two victories, with the last three meetings resulting in defeats, leaving a bitter taste for fans.

However, the current season paints a different picture. Arsenal’s dominant form in the Premier League, coupled with their recent Champions League success, positions them as strong contenders against Bayern Munich.

With manager Mikel Arteta leading a formidable squad, Arsenal fans harbor hopes of redemption as they approach the upcoming fixtures in April.

The prospect of overcoming Bayern Munich represents an opportunity for Arsenal to avenge past defeats and break yet another staggering UEFA Champions League record.

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