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Manchester City star issues Arsenal warning to teammates ahead of title clash

Manchester City star has warned his teammates on the importance of avoiding any missteps against Arsenal in the title race

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Manchester City midfielder Rodri has emphasised the importance of avoiding any missteps as the team aims to replicate last season’s historic Treble success. 

With City set to face title rivals Arsenal on Sunday, Rodri stressed the significance of securing victory in every remaining fixture to stay in contention for an unprecedented fourth consecutive Premier League title.

Speaking ahead of the crucial clash, Rodri highlighted the intensity of the competition and the relentless demand for excellence in the Premier League. He emphasised the need for City to maintain a high level of performance, acknowledging that any loss could significantly impact their title aspirations.

“It’s not just this game that’s like a final, it’s all of them from now until the end of the season,” Rodri said. “We’re still in every competition, but any game that you lose can practically leave you out of the running.

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“That’s the level that this league demands from you – to reach between 90 and 100 points to be able to win the league. We’re fighting for titles and in this league a draw is almost like a loss, due to how high the bar is.

Manchester City midfielder Rodri on Arsenal

Manchester City midfielder Rodri (Image credit: Getty Images)

“So we have to win practically every game and that starts against Arsenal, who are currently the league leaders.”


Rodri described every upcoming match as a final, recognising the importance of consistency and determination in achieving success. With City’s unbeaten streak extending to an impressive 62 games, Rodri expressed confidence in the team’s ability to navigate through the challenges of competing on multiple fronts.

Drawing on their experience as reigning champions, Rodri stressed the importance of maintaining their winning mentality and adhering to their successful playing style. He called on his teammates to approach each game with confidence and humility, acknowledging the hard work required to secure victory.

“Every game until the end is going to be a final. We must win it and we must win it with our philosophy and our way that has been successful in the last years.

“This is the moment to give everything. We have to play with confidence, like we have in the last years, and be humble enough to run more than the opponent and do more than the opponent if we want to win. We can use the experience we have in the past to try to fight again.”

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