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Liverpool and Manchester United legends clash over Ramsdale-Raya dilemma at Arsenal

Two pundits clash over the David Raya and Aaron Ramsdale debate at Arsenal.

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Arsenal goalkeepers Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya
Image Credit: Getty Images

Mikel Arteta’s decision to sign David Raya from Brentford has caused quite a big stir in the punditry world.

With Aaron Ramsdale having performed above expectations since his move to Arsenal from Sheffield United, many have argued that having two number 1’s in the squad will cause the ‘keepers to doubt their own position and thus that uncertainty will be passed on to the rest of the team.

Ahead of Arsenal’s UEFA Champions League tie with PSV Eindhoven last week, two English Premier League legends clashed over the debate.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel got into it with former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, with the former England international claiming that Arsenal would never win the league with Ramsdale in goal.

Speaking on CBS Sports, Schmeichel said: “I don’t get it, I don’t understand why you want to create a competition situation for goalkeepers.

“The one thing you want from your goalkeeper is stability.

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“So goalkeepers are playing a position which is very reactive, there’s no proactive action happening, everything you have to do is something you have to do when somebody else is doing something, you have to react to that, you can’t be proactive and go out and create a save for yourself.”

“I don’t get this, I think it’s crazy and I think Arteta might just be creating a problem he didn’t need going forward.”

Carragher then replied and claimed that the chance for Mikel Arteta to improve Arsenal’s quality between the sticks was an opportunity that could not pass up. He replied: “I understand having two goalkeepers of a similar ability, I understand mentally it might be a problem for the goalkeeper.

“But surely if Mikel Arteta thinks he can get a better goalkeeper in the building, he has to make that signing to make Arsenal a better team.

“Arsenal will never win the league with Ramsdale in goal, no chance. Ramsdale is playing for Arsenal and he can’t even get in the England team.”

The back and forwards between the two continued for a few minutes before Schmeichel concluded: “They shouldn’t have signed anybody,” to which Carragher replied: “They should have, absolute nonsense.”

The conversation was concluded by former Arsenal legend and captain Thierry Henry, who said that we should all respect Mikel Arteta’s decisions and if it’s his decision to have two ‘keepers competing for that role, then so be it.

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