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Leandro Trossard explains the story behind his iconic ‘goggles’ goal celebration 

Leandro Trossard has explained the story behind his iconic ‘goggle’ goal celebration and to whom it is dedicated.

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Arsenal forward Leandro Trossard has shared the story behind his iconic ‘goggles’ goal celebration and who he is dedicating the trademark to. The forward, who made the move to Arsenal from Brighton in January, has not only become a linchpin in Mikel Arteta’s squad but has also etched his mark with a unique celebration that holds a special dedication.

Speaking candidly about his bond with Arsenal and his family’s connection to the club, Trossard shared the endearing inspiration behind his trademark goal celebration. 

“My family are really enjoying being a part of the club too,” he revealed. “My eldest son, though still young, enjoys watching me on the pitch. As everyone knows, my celebration is for him. Before every game, he’ll remind me what I need to do if I score.”

Amidst his swift adaptation to Arsenal’s style of play and crucial goals for the club, Trossard speaks of the familial atmosphere within the team. 

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“This is such a big club, and it’s already been such an exciting journey for me. I’m looking forward to that continuing in the future – and so are my family,” he expressed, echoing his appreciation for the club’s warm embrace.

Reflecting on the team dynamics and the ethos cultivated by Arteta, Trossard emphasised the manager’s role in nurturing a cohesive and determined squad. 

“Mikel has built a team of humble players who work hard every day. If you have the right personalities together, it’s always going to click. That’s happened here,” Trossard remarked with a smile.

The Belgian forward delved into the camaraderie among teammates, highlighting the collective drive to win and the unity present within the squad. “All the players are happy with the team. We want to win every game and that’s what we’re competing for,” Trossard affirmed, stressing the importance of unity and commitment toward a shared goal.

Offering insights into the team’s spirit and ethos, Leandro Trossard underscored the significance of collective dedication, both on and off the field. “Every day you come to the training ground with a smile because you know you’re going to enjoy your day with the team,” he explained.

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