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Kai Havertz shirt number revealed

It’s now been revealed what shirt number the German will wear at Arsenal and it’s a number that he’s all too familiar with it.

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Image Credits: Arsenal Football Club

A player’s shirt number is one of the most discussed decisions when they sign for a club. The number on the players’ back can be a sign of their importance to the team, an indicator that they’re the heir to a previous legend or signify something personal to the player. For Havertz, it’s the latter.

For it’s now been revealed what shirt number the German international will wear at Arsenal and it’s a number that the player is all too familiar with it.

Havertz has chosen to wear the number 29 shirt for The Gunners, a number he’s had throughout his professional career, and he discussed the significance behind his “lucky” number with the official Arsenal website.

“I have had it now for many years,” he said.

“I chose it when I became professional in Germany, and since then, it’s always given me luck.

“When I became professional I took it because it has some history with my brother. We used to take it always when we played some video games together. I think it’s the perfect number!”

So there you go. A number that started off in video games with his brother is now the one that he’ll be carrying on the back of his shirt.

The number has been vacant in the Arsenal squad since Matteo Guendouzi adorned the number on his back from 2018 to 2020. Now that Havertz has taken the number for himself, be prepared to see the number 29 on the backs of many Arsenal fans visiting the Emirates next season and beyond.

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