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Kai Havertz identifies underrated Arsenal star as the most intelligent footballer

Arsenal star Kai Havertz has singled out a player, often underrated, as the most intelligent footballer he has ever played with

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Arsenal star Kai Havertz
Image credit: Getty Images

Kai Havertz has recently shared admiration for one Arsenal teammate, who he regards as the most intelligent footballer he has played with.

In an interview on Goal’s TikTok page, Havertz was asked to choose his perfect player based on different playing attributes.

Havertz who has played alongside Jorginho both at Chelsea and Arsenal, praised the Italian midfielder for his exceptional football intelligence, describing him as having the highest football IQ among his teammates. 

This endorsement comes as no surprise, given Havertz’s first-hand experience working with Jorginho: Football IQ? Havertz was asked. “Jorginho, so clever.”

Jorginho and Kai Havertz

Jorginho and Kai Havertz (Image Credit: Getty Images)

While discussing other attributes, Havertz named former Chelsea teammate N’Golo Kante as the strongest player he’s ever worked with, and Joao Felix as the most skillful.

 However, when it came to football intelligence, Jorginho earned the top spot in Havertz’s rankings.

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Jorginho, known for his tactical awareness and ability to control the tempo of the game, is often lauded for his footballing intelligence. In the 3-1 defeat of Liverpool, the Italian received praise from Arsenal boss Arteta for his intelligent display.

Arteta said of Jorginho after the 3-1 win over Liverpool: “(He was) Unbelievable. I always say that he’s an example, a role model. He’s been in a lot of pain because he’s had an issue he’s been carrying for months. He didn’t want to stop, he’s been playing with that. He’s been training, always the first one in and the last one out.

“For all the kids at the club, if you want to look at somebody, just look at him. He’s won everything but if you ask him not to play or play one minute last week he’s happy to go there. Ask him to play 90 minutes at that rhythm and he’s able to do that. I’m really lucky to have players like this.

“It’s a game that I had in my mind. I was imagining how much we were going to need him. He’s a really intelligent player, his biggest quality is that he makes the people around him better. He connects everybody. I think he was man of the match.” the Spanish manager said.

Despite not possessing exceptional speed or physical strength, Jorginho’s astute reading of the game allows him to outmaneuver opponents and dictate play effectively.

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