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Jurgen Klopp makes honest claim about Arsenal’s remaining fixtures

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has given his honest opinion about Arsenal’s remaining matches in the Premier League

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Jurgen Klopp
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has commented on the remaining Premier League fixtures involving Arsenal and Manchester City following his team’s 2-2 draw at West Ham.

In this season’s title race, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool have been engaged in one of the most thrilling battles seen in recent years. However, it appears that Klopp’s Liverpool side are now effectively out of contention for the title, leaving Arsenal and Manchester City as the main contenders.

Arsenal currently lead the table with 77 points, but Manchester City closely trail with 76 points and a game in hand. Meanwhile, Liverpool sit in third place with 75 points, having played one more game than Arsenal and two more than Manchester City.

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Following Liverpool’s draw against West Ham United on Saturday, Klopp expressed his views on the title race, acknowledging the challenges ahead. He stated that Arsenal and Manchester City do not seem likely to drop points in the coming weeks, making it a difficult task for Liverpool to close the gap.

Klopp said: “I said before, we need to win our games. We didn’t win the game. That doesn’t improve our situation now massively.

“Do they [Manchester City and Arsenal] look like they will lose two or three games? No, I don’t think so but, honestly, I’m not angry or whatever… I don’t think about it.”

When asked about the title race, Jurgen Klopp emphasised the importance of focusing on winning their remaining games rather than dwelling on the performances of their rivals. He pointed out that achieving a total of 84 points is a reasonable target for Liverpool and expressed his determination to pursue it.


Reflecting on the history of the Premier League, Klopp acknowledged that winning the title with 84 points is not unprecedented but remains a challenging feat. Despite the setback, Klopp maintained a positive outlook, affirming his commitment to pushing Liverpool’s performance until the end of the season.

“It’s just we have to win football games and let’s see what that means in the end. What do we have now? 75 points? 84 [are] possible and I think it is a good target to try to do that.

“That is what will be my attitude, my mindset and we will see what that means. It’s a while ago somebody became champion with 84 points I think, long ago.

“I am sorry, but I don’t have better news for you.”

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