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Journalist claims every team hates facing Arsenal star who is a ‘wind-up merchant’

Arsenal star has been described as a ‘wind-up merchant’ who loves employing dark arts to unsettle opponents for the Gunners

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Arsenal defender
Image credit: Getty Images

Arsenal defender Ben White has been described as a ‘wind-up merchant’ who loves employing dark arts on the field to unsettle opponents for the Gunners.

The 26-year-old defender, primarily a right back, has undergone a transformation in recent weeks, playing in an inverted role due to Oleksandr Zinchenko’s injury.

Mikel Arteta has tasked White with supporting Bukayo Saka on the right flank while also drifting into the midfield to enhance the team’s strength in that area. This tactical evolution has showcased White’s versatility, a trait attributed to his time at Leeds United under Marcelo Bielsa, where he trained as a midfielder.

White’s contributions extend beyond his positional flexibility. In set-piece situations, he is assigned the role of unsettling opposition goalkeepers, engaging in physical battles that toe the line between fair play and foul. Additionally, White is very popular with Arsenal fans through his antagonistic celebrations and occasional strategic fouls to disrupt counter-attacks.

Arsenal defender Ben White

Arsenal defender Ben White (Image credit: Getty Images)

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Describing White as a player who is loved when on your team but loathed when facing him, Arsecast Extra host Andrew Mangan and journalist James McNicholas shared their opinions on the defender’s tactics. 

McNicholas commended White’s underhand actions, stating, “He is outstanding in that field. What’s quite funny about Ben White is that he’s quite unknowable. Sort of the only thing we really know about him is that he’s a massive wind-up merchant, and that’s quite fun.”

While Mangan emphasised the necessity of having players with a bit of gamesmanship in a team. 

“You do have to have a bit of that about you as a team. You have to have some of the dark arts, some of the cynicism, some of the gamesmanship…He’s [White] like a beacon for this kind of stuff within this team.”

Although Arteta cannot openly admit to encouraging rule-breaking or dark arts, White’s actions in set-piece situations indicate a strategic approach under specific instructions. White’s unique style adds a different dimension to Arsenal’s gameplay, showcasing a team that not only excels in free-flowing attacking football but also embraces the more contentious aspects of the game.

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