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Josh Kroenke makes BIG PROMISE to Arsenal fans ahead of the summer

Arsenal majority shareholder Josh Kroenke has reaffirmed his family’s dedication to the club with a long term commitment

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Mikel Arteta with Arsenal owners Kroenke
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Arsenal majority shareholder Josh Kroenke has reaffirmed his family’s dedication to the club, asserting their intention to remain as owners for the long haul. 

Kroenke’s tenure at Arsenal, which began in 2013 when he was appointed as a non-executive director, has been marked by scrutiny and criticism from supporters.

The most notable instance of discontent occurred in 2021 when Arsenal’s involvement in the European Super League sparked outrage among fans, leading to calls for the Kroenke family to divest their ownership. However, the family promptly released a statement affirming their commitment to the club, and sentiments towards their ownership have since shifted, particularly with Arsenal’s resurgence under manager Mikel Arteta.


In a recent interview with Curious Mike on YouTube, Kroenke emphasised the significance of Arsenal within the family’s broader sports portfolio, which includes prominent franchises such as the Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche, and Denver Nuggets. He underscored their long-term investment approach, stating that they are not inclined towards short-term gains but rather prioritise sustainable growth and development.

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“We’ve been pretty committed,” Kroenke remarked. “We’re long-term holders in everything we do.” He echoed his father Stan Kroenke’s philosophy, highlighting their desire to invest in ventures that align with their vision over the long run.

When asked about his personal motivations, Kroenke expressed his enjoyment in connecting with people and maximising their potential. Drawing from his experiences in basketball, he emphasised his passion for leadership and teamwork, traits that transcend his involvement across various sports franchises.

“My college coach always said I’d make a great basketball coach because I loved the game but I also really loved trying to get the most out of my teammates. That plays out across my life in numerous areas – whether it’s the Nuggets, Rams or Arsenal.”

While acknowledging the challenges of fully grasping the fervent loyalty of Arsenal supporters, Kroenke stressed his commitment to the club’s success and his ongoing efforts to engage with its passionate fanbase.

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