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Jens Lehmann shocks Arsenal after buying ‘Invincibles’ brand rights

Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann has acquired the club’s ‘Invincibles’ brand without consulting the club first and intends to use it for charity

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Arsenal legend Jens Lehman
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Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has secured the rights to the club’s iconic ‘Invincibles’ brand, marking a significant move ahead of the 20th anniversary of Arsenal’s historic unbeaten Premier League season.

Lehmann, who played for the Gunners between 2003 and 2008, was a pivotal figure in the squad managed by Arsene Wenger that achieved the remarkable feat of going undefeated throughout the 2003/04 Premier League campaign. 

The ex-Germany international featured in all 38 matches and kept clean sheets in 15 of them, contributing to Arsenal’s unprecedented achievement, which remains unmatched in English football to this day.

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In a deal reportedly valued at £30,000, the 54-year-old finalised the transaction to secure the trademark rights associated with the ‘Invincibles’ brand. The move caught Arsenal off guard, with the north London club allegedly unaware of Lehmann’s intentions, as per reports from The Daily Mail.

Lehmann’s plan involves establishing a company comprising 28 former players and 12 staff members, including Wenger himself, aimed at organising events to generate revenue while supporting charitable causes. Proposed initiatives include a documentary, overseas tour, and a match against a team of Manchester United legends.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Lehmann expressed his motivation behind acquiring the brand rights, stating, “I had the idea because the name ‘Invincibles’ becomes more and more popular approaching the 20th anniversary. Nobody had it, so I was looking into it.”


He further explained, “We have 28 players and 12 staff members, which includes the boss. The company has not been set up yet because we’re still preparing. There will be one or two events here very soon where we give something back to the people.”

Lehmann emphasised the collective nature of the venture, outlining plans for all members of the group to become shareholders in the company. 

He added, “It’s easier to get all the members of our group in one company because you have costs and income created. The company gets the revenue, and then hopefully everything is shared. If we have income, we are going to do something for charity.”

With the acquisition of the ‘Invincibles’ brand rights, Lehmann aims to honour Arsenal’s historic achievement while creating opportunities for charitable endeavours and memorable events for football fans worldwide.

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