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Jens Lehmann compares the current Arsenal side to the Invincibles

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann reflected on the differences between the current Arsenal squad and the legendary “invincibles” team

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Former Arsenal goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann, has shared his thoughts on the club’s chances of clinching the Premier League title this season.

Lehmann, who was part of the famous Arsenal “Invincibles” squad, expressed his views on the team’s current approach and its impact on their  Premier League title hopes.

The Gunners currently sit one point clear of Manchester City at the top of the Premier League with just three games remaining – although Pep Guardiola’s men have a game in hand over Arsenal.


In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lehmann highlighted the differences between the current Arsenal team and the legendary Invincibles team. He pointed out that the current squad tends to play slower and more cautiously, preferring to take more touches on the ball instead of the quick, one-touch style of play that characterized the Invincibles.

“They’re very different to us (the Invincibles) in their approach – much more cautious and slower with the ball. Physically, they run a lot more and have more high intensity runs but they don’t play faster than us because we were a one-touch team,” Lehmann explained.

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“They all take three, four touches at a time, and if you’re too cautious in football, you can’t win trophies. Most of the time, the bravest teams win the league. I would love them to win the title but that has cost them in certain games. It’s 20 years since we won the league and I hope Arsenal win, but it’s not in their own hands anymore and that’s a weakness.”

Lehmann expressed his hope for Arsenal to succeed in the league but also acknowledged a weakness in their situation. He noted that Arsenal’s fate is no longer entirely within their control, indicating that their position in the league standings might hinder their title chances.

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