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“I’ll pay for…” Piers Morgan offers BIG incentive to Tottenham if they beat Manchester City

TV star Piers Morgan has offered to do two big things for Tottenham Hotspur if they beat Manchester City to help Arsenal win the title

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Piers Morgan
Image credit: Getty Images

Die-hard Arsenal fan Piers Morgan has extended an unexpected olive branch to rival club Tottenham Hotspur, offering a grand gesture if they secure a fourth-place in the Premier League by beating Manchester City.

Morgan, renowned for his passionate support of Arsenal, declared on a recent episode of The Sports Breakfast his willingness to fund an open-top bus parade for Spurs should they manage to clinch fourth place. The offer comes with a twist – Morgan himself would don a Tottenham shirt and join in the celebratory parade.

This extraordinary proposition follows Tottenham’s upcoming clash with Manchester City, a match pivotal to both clubs’ aspirations. Morgan’s proposition hinges on Tottenham’s potential victory over City, a result that would not only aid Arsenal’s title ambitions but also secure Tottenham’s coveted fourth-place spot.

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“The only team that can stop us is Man City and I do not believe that they’re going to win their four remaining games. I think that Tottenham will do something at their ground which will ruin every Tottenham fan’s life, but it’ll help us to win the league.”

Arsenal v Tottenham

Tottenham will face Manchester City on May 14 (Image credit: Getty Images)

Addressing Tottenham fans directly, Morgan emphasised the significance of achieving a top-four finish, likening it to winning a trophy for a club that has historically fallen short of league glory. Despite his allegiance to Arsenal, Morgan urged Tottenham supporters to seize the opportunity and embrace the prospect of finishing fourth.


“Here’s what I’d say to Tottenham fans: You’re never going to win the league – you’ve never won the league in my lifetime, it’s never going to happen.

“However top four is great for you guys. Coming fourth is like winning a trophy for Tottenham! So my message to Tottenham’s fans is ‘come on guys, put aside the rivalry and you can come fourth!’

“It’ll be the greatest moment in the history of Tottenham Hotspur. Coming fourth is like winning a trophy so get out there on May 14th, dismantle Man City, have your moment in the sun and have an open-top bus parade – I’ll even pay for it!

“I’ll pay for several open-top buses to drive up and down Tottenham to celebrate coming fourth – I’ll even wear a Tottenham shirt and join in the parade.

The proposed parade, funded entirely by Morgan himself, symbolises a momentous occasion for Tottenham, offering fans a chance to revel in their achievement and perhaps bridge the longstanding rivalry between the two North London clubs.

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