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Ian Wright labels one law as the most ridiculous in ‘the multiverse’

Ian Wright gives his opinion on the rule that disallowed Arsenal’s late goal.

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright
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Arsenal thought they had equalised late at Villa Park, but the Gunners were denied a late goal by referee, Jarred Gillett, and despite a lengthy VAR review, the decision stayed Aston Villa’s way. Gillet’s decision has not gone down well with fans and pundits, and former Arsenal striker, Ian Wright, made his thoughts known on BBC’s Match of the Day.

Arsenal have notably scored late to secure victories against Luton Town, Brentford, Manchester City and Manchester United this season, but the Gunners’ late celebrations were cut short last night due to a controversial handball decision. The referee’s onfield decision was met with frustration from Arsenal fans on social media, due to Gillett’s distance from the offence and that the VAR decision would align with Gillett’s if they deemed it not ‘clear and obvious’.

The new Premier League rules state that if an attacker accidentally commits a handball and immediately scores, the player will be penalised, but if Eddie Nketiah was the one to find the back of the net after Havertz’s offence, the goal would have stood. With this said, the onfield and VAR decision was the correct one, but Ian Wright and former Tottenham Hotspur striker, Gary Lineker, are unhappy with the handball law in the Premier League.

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Wright explained on Match of the Day, “The ball was so close to everybody, it’s hit Matty Cash’s hand, it’s hit Havertz’s hand, but the law says that it cannot hit your hand anywhere and it leads to the goal you score.”

Lineker included, “The defenders can accidentally handball it but the forwards can’t! Why are we trying to stop goals? The people who make the laws of the game, why are they doing that?”

The former Arsenal striker then criticised the handball law, calling it, “The most ridiculous law in all of laws, not just football law, all law in the whole world of law, the multiverse and everything. It’s ridiculous.”

Lineker finished the conversation by expressing his guilt for advocating VAR’s introduction, and believes that it is spoiling the game. Despite the pundits’ thoughts, Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta was cagey in his press conference, and the Spaniard simply repeated “Clear and obvious” when any VAR related question was raised.

Arsenal must now regroup and prepare for their Champions League tie against PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday evening, before they continue their Premier League campaign against Brighton on the 17th December.

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