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Ian Wright issues STRONG message to the Arsenal fans for the rest of the season

Ian Wright issues a strong message to the Arsenal fans for the remainder of the season, following the defeat to Aston Villa.

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright
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Ian Wright has issued a strong message to the Arsenal fans following the defeat to Aston Villa last weekend. The Gunners lost their first league game of 2024 at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, which lead to many of the home supporters leaving early.

Aston Villa scored two quick goals in 180 seconds on Sunday with the game out of the Gunners’ reach with five minutes left to play. Mikel Arteta’s side were largely outplayed in the second-half which gave Arsenal fans very little hope they could get something from the game late on.

However Gunners legend, Ian Wright felt it was wrong for the home support to leave early as they basically gave up on their team with time still left on the clock.


Ian Wright following the defeat to Aston Villa: “You know something, I’ve got to say with Flo there mentioning the fans, one thing that Man United team had and why everyone talks about ‘Fergie Time’, because the fans genuinely got behind them and got them through it.

“When you look at the amount of Arsenal fans that left at that time and you’re looking around, that can be very demoralising.

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“For the last two seasons it’s only been progression for this team. They didn’t lose against Bayern, remember what Bayern did to us before? They came back in that game this time.

“These players need the fans to stay with it. So for them to leave like they did… how many times have Arsenal won in the last minute? It was really sad to see. Because then you’re thinking they genuinely believe that that’s it. I was really disappointed to see that.”

Arsenal have won many games late on this season – Manchester United at home, Manchester City at home, Luton Town away – so it was a surprise to see the majority of the supporters inside the Emirates Stadium leave like they did.

The Gunners will be looking to bounce back in the Champions League on Wednesday night when they face Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena.

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