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Gary Neville labels Arsenal man a ‘little nuisance’ after North London Derby win

Gary Neville has praised the impact that one Arsenal man has had on a specific aspect of the team’s performance, which played a huge part in the win against Spurs.

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Gary Neville on Arsenal
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Arsenal’s knack for scoring from set-pieces shone brightly once more in the victory over Tottenham Hotspur, proving to be a pivotal factor in their win.

Throughout the season, the team’s prowess in dead-ball situations has been garnering attention. In the first half of Sunday’s match, Arsenal demonstrated this skill superbly, forcing an own goal followed by a Kai Havertz header.

For Mikel Arteta, the importance of these small details cannot be overstated. His team’s ability to capitalize on set pieces has been a significant contributor to their success this season.


The appointment of a specialist set-piece coach has been central to this success, with Nicolas Jover recruited from Manchester City.


Mikel Arteta and Nicolas Jover celebrate Arsenal set-piece goal against Tottenham (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Jover’s expertise has been instrumental in Arsenal’s set-piece proficiency, a fact not lost on Gary Neville, who, while acknowledging Jover’s effectiveness, humorously referred to him as a ‘nuisance.’

‘He’s a bit of a nuisance, that set-piece coach, but he’s damn good, and they’ve done it again here,’ Neville said.

Arsenal’s success from set-pieces is evident in the statistics, with the team having scored an impressive 15 goals from such situations prior to today’s game. With two more goals in the first half against Spurs, they now stand level with Liverpool, who have 17 set-piece goals.

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This achievement underscores the significance of Arsenal’s investment in specialized coaching. The impact of Jover’s role extends beyond mere numbers; his contribution to Arsenal’s performance could prove invaluable, potentially surpassing that of high-profile player signings.

Should Arsenal secure victory in the league, their proficiency in set-pieces, under Jover’s guidance, will undoubtedly be hailed as a crucial element of their triumph.

In essence, Arsenal’s success from dead-ball situations exemplifies the value of meticulous coaching and strategic planning within football, highlighting the profound impact that attention to detail can have on a team’s performance and overall success.

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