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Gabriel Martinelli admits he’d play in goal if Arteta told him to

Gabriel Martinelli spoke to the media and once again showed his commitment and love for this football club.

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There’s this ongoing debate amongst Arsenal fans as to where Gabriel Martinelli plays his best football. Some suggest that he would thrive in his current winger role whereas some think he would excel down the middle, as a central striker because of how deadly he is in front of goal.

However, where Martinelli plays seems to have been highly influenced by the availability of the players in the squad rather than Arteta experimenting. Following the injury to Gabriel Jesus, Eddie Nketiah was given a run of game as the number nine and did the job very well for Arsenal up until now.

However, after Nketiah’s recent injury, Gabriel Martinelli was put in the centre forward role yet again. The Brazlian scored 4 goals in 4 games playing as the number nine.

Watch Gabriel Martinelli’s crazy solo run against Sporting here.

Of course with Mikel Arteta’s system, even when Martinelli is out wide he’s given the freedom to come inside, get into the box and score goals. The system is very flexible and the attacking three interchange so much during games that they rarely just hug the touchline, however this doesn’t stop the debate being had.

When asked about what role he prefers to play in, Gabriel Martinelli gave the perfect answer…

If I’m the number nine or on the wing, I always try to do my best and help the team by scoring or getting an assist. 

It’s up to Mikel – wherever he decides to play me, I’ll play. If the team need me I’d play as a goalkeeper! We play for Arsenal and everyone has this responsibility.”

This interview makes one thing very clear, Martinelli’s passion and commitment for the team is very much strongly present within him. He has proved time and time again that he loves the club and the fans. Regardless of any situation or any position he’s told to play on the pitch, Martinelli is determined to do whatever it takes to help the team.

Martinelli has proved to be a top player wherever he is on the pitch. While it will be brilliant to see Gabriel Jesus back in that role, it would be fascinating if we saw more glimpses of Martinelli as a central striker in the future.

Where do you think Gabriel Martinelli’s best position is?

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