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Football world condemns vile chants from Chelsea fans targeting Declan Rice partner

Footall world has condemned the despicable chants channelled at Declan Rice partner Lauren Fryer by Chelsea fans

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Declan Rice and partner
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Football fans have expressed their outrage over despicable chants aimed at Lauren Fryer, the girlfriend of England international Declan Rice, during Arsenal’s recent victory over Chelsea. The incident has sparked calls for the perpetrators to face stadium bans.

Rice, 25, and Fryer welcomed their first child in 2022 and have largely maintained a private life, though Fryer was spotted supporting Rice and his teammates at the World Cup in Qatar later that year. Despite their efforts to stay out of the public eye, chants targeting Fryer were heard from the Chelsea end during the Premier League clash, prompting widespread condemnation from football supporters.

Social media has become a platform for fans to rally behind Fryer, with many urging sanctions against those responsible for the abusive behaviour. Despite Fryer deleting her Instagram account due to the recent abuse, an outpouring of support has emerged.

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“We should understand that football players and their families are humans like us too,” remarked one fan on social media, while another wrote, “Insecure people hating on someone who’s living her life.”

Declan Rice partner Lauren Fryer deleted all her Instagram

Lauren Fryer deleted all her Instagram post


Calls for immediate action have resonated, with one fan declaring, “Absolutely disgusting, have them banned from the stadium,” and another urging, “Ban them immediately, [the fact that] he plays for our country is so disrespectful, yet alone to abuse his [partner] who is already struggling.”

Fryer, also 25, has faced online criticism previously but the situation escalated as Declan Rice was targeted during the match when he approached the Chelsea fans to take a corner kick.

Love Island star Liberty Poole joined the chorus of support for Fryer, emphasising the need for societal change in beauty standards and body positivity.

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