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FA send warning to Oleksandr Zinchenko

As per Sam Dean of The Telegraph.

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As per Sam Dean of The Telegraph, A few weeks into his Arsenal career Zinchenko was told off for being too passionate by the FA.

The FA’s warning came in the form of a letter, sent to Zinchenko in August as a result of his exuberant celebrations after Arsenal’s win vs Fulham.

The news come within the same week of Arsenal getting charged for improper conduct towards the referee in consecutive games. To read more on that, click here.

Arsenal are top of the league, of course because of their quality/ability, but also because of their passion, desire and commitment & if one player emphasises all of that, it’s the Ukrainian.

He joined from Manchester City in the summer and has brought the winning mentality needed to help Arsenal compete for the biggest trophies possible.

The type of man/player he is should be celebrated, not the opposite.

Never change Zinchenko.

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