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Ex-Arsenal player Martin Keown defends Mikel Arteta’s touchline antics

Martin Keown: “Richard Keys, is he still working?”

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Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown, now working as a coach and a part-time scout at the club as well as a pundit for BT sport & BBC, stood by Mikel Arteta’s side with his touchline behaviour coming into question by the English media over the past week.

Mikel Arteta is in the centre of media attention again, following Arsenal’s 0-0 draw at home to Newcastle United. In the game full of controversy & questionable refereeing decisions, the Arsenal boss didn’t behave as a Premier League manager should, according to media.

The Gunners weren’t given two penalties in the game, including the handball in the 93rd minute, which made Mikel Arteta furious on the touchline, even to the point where it brought the usually calm character of Newcastle boss Eddie Howe to come head-to-head with the Arsenal manager.

In case you weren’t aware, Richard Keys, the former Sky Sports presenter, who now works for belN Sports out in Qatar, is not the biggest fan of Mikel Arteta.

He has regularly called out the Arsenal boss for his touchline antics this season, so when Arteta lost his head a tad during the game this week, you just knew there was a tweet incoming from Keys.

Keys tweet read: “Seriously – when is someone going to get control of Mikel Arteta? He’s an embarrassment. Totally out of control during games.”

On Friday, Martin Keown spoke about Mikel Arteta’s touchline antics…

Martin Keown: “I would never tell the Arsenal manager how to behave, I want a bit of passion. I certainly don’t think he is a clown, that is just ridiculous. He’s the catalyst, he energises his team to go and match his passion. Yes of course sometimes he has to keep a lid on things but he didn’t cross the line, not for me. Arteta knows how to behave and he’s been outstanding at Arsenal this season.”

The former Arsenal defender wasn’t done there though as he went to tear into Richard Keys over his criticism of the Arsenal boss…

Martin Keown: “Richard Keys, is he still working? I think he’s just trying to create a headline because he’s the other side of the world and no ones really listening to him. I hope he’s listening to this.”

Martin Keown wasn’t the only one who came to the defence of the Arsenal manager. Troy Deeney has said in the past that Arsenal lacked ‘cojones’, well he certainly isn’t saying that anymore.

Troy Deeney: “I love Arteta’s touchline antics and the Arsenal players will want to know their manager is in the trenches with them.”

The Newcastle goalless draw was only the third Premier League game Arsenal haven’t won this season. Mikel Arteta might have lost his head a little but when a Premier League title is at stake, can you really blame him? Especially when there’s such fine margins in the Premier League and The Gunners haven’t been in this position in 19 years.

He’s a passionate man, that should be applauded not criticised. Our manager.

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