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Emmanuel Adebayor makes shocking revelations linking Arsenal title collapse to his birthday

Emmanuel Adebayor has made a shocking relevation linking Arsenal’s title collapse to his birthday.

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Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has spoken about Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League title this season and has revealed why the team keeps collapsing mid-February. Speaking from the sidelines of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in Abidjan, Adebayo discussed the challenges Arsenal faces and his enduring connection with the club.

Arsenal’s near-miss in last season’s title race was attributed to a combination of injuries to key players like William Saliba and Takehiro Tomiyasu, coupled with a dip in form from key players like Saka and Martinelli during the decisive stretch of the campaign. Ultimately, the Gunners relinquished the title to Manchester City, leaving fans and pundits alike questioning the squad’s depth and the team’s collective experience.

As the current season surpasses its halfway mark, Arsenal finds themselves trailing league leaders Liverpool by five points. Despite holding the top spot on Christmas day, a lackluster run during the festive period saw them slip behind. However, they marked a resurgence with an impressive 5-0 victory over Crystal Palace after a rejuvenating winter break spent in Dubai.

Adebayor, who departed Arsenal in 2009 to join Manchester City, acknowledged his past differences with the club and the fans. Nevertheless, he emphasised that he has moved beyond those issues while still considering himself a ‘Gooner.’

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Addressing the peculiar timing of Arsenal’s downturns, Adebayo disclosed a curious pattern associated with his birthday in late February. 

“My friends were telling me that they were going to win the league, and I told them I will only know after my birthday, which is on the 26th of February because that is when, I don’t know why things always collapse for Arsenal,” he remarked.

Reflecting on his time with the club, Adebayo praised his three and a half seasons with Arsenal, describing it as the best team he played for. He expressed his frustration at the team’s recurrent struggles in the latter part of the season, noting that despite consistently strong starts, they tend to crumble as February approaches. 

“We always start well. I played three and half seasons there, it was incredible, the best team I played for. When we were playing from July to December, January, we were always in the top three and I don’t know what is always the problem. As soon as we get to the end of January, beginning of February, everything just crumbles. It’s difficult, we saw it again last season, Man City came in and won the league towards the end.”

He added: “I can just wish them (Arsenal) luck, once a Gooner is always a Gooner. I had my moment with them, I had the moment where I was upset with them, but at the end of the day, it is life, I was living the moment, and today I am out of Arsenal, I am out of football, I love every single team I played for because they have contributed to who I became today.

“Today, people can never talk to me about my career without talking about Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and even Crystal Palace. Remember we are Africans, I was there to represent the continent and I think I have done my best.”

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