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“Don’t Let Arsenal Win the Premier League!” – Former Spurs player plea to Man City

Former Tottenham defender Neil Ruddock has issued a desperate plea to Manchester City.

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Former Tottenham defender Neil Ruddock has issued a desperate plea to Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne to “get themselves together” and prevent Arsenal from winning the Premier League title this season.

Ruddock made the emotional appeal during a recent appearance on TalkSPORT , as he expressed his concern over the growing gap between Arsenal and Manchester City in the race for the championship. With just 12 games remaining in the season, Arsenal currently hold a five-point lead over City, leaving Ruddock feeling anxious about the prospect of his former team’s arch-rivals lifting the trophy.

“Pep, Kevin De Bruyne, please get yourselves together,” Ruddock implored. “Pep, I need you, I need Manchester City. I’ve never needed Manchester City in my life, but I need them now. Don’t let Arsenal win the championship. Don’t let them win the Premier League, please!”

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Ruddock’s concerns are not unfounded, as Arsenal have been in excellent form this season and appear to be hitting their stride at just the right time. However, Ruddock remains optimistic that City can turn things around and mount a late challenge for the title.

Ultimately, the outcome of the Premier League title race remains in the hands of the players on the pitch, and it remains to be seen whether Manchester City can summon the necessary form and intensity to overtake Arsenal in the coming weeks. However, with passionate fans like Neil Ruddock behind them, they will certainly have no shortage of motivation to give it their all until the final whistle.

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