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David Seaman SHOCKED by Arteta’s comments after Brentford game

David Seaman was shocked about Arteta’s reaction after the Brentford game with the manager avoiding to comment specifically on Aaron Ramsdale

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David Seaman surprised at Arsenal's turnaround from last season's disappointment 
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David Seaman found strange Mikel Arteta’s reaction after the Brentford game.

Aaron Ramsdale played against Brentford while keeping a clean sheet in a shaky but overall descent performance helping the team win, and Arsenal getting to the top of the table.

David Raya frequently starts as the goalkeeper, but he couldn’t play as the game was against his parent club Brentford.

Ramsdale made a mistake when trying to pass the ball from the back in the first half. When Brentford put pressure on, he didn’t seem very comfortable but grew into the game gradually.

David Seaman reflects Mikel Arteta made strange comments about Aaron Ramsdale when he praised the whole team instead of talking about the goalkeeper, twice.

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“I found them a bit strange if I’m honest, but I can understand where he was coming from, because when he was asked the question about Aaron, he just totally avoided it, didn’t he? He did it twice. “I can understand it a little bit because if he answers or replies to it, then the next question is ‘’oh is he going to be playing the next game?’’ So the situation has built up where if he answers one question on Aaron, there’s a load more coming.”

Seaman didn’t like how the Arsenal manager avoided talking about Ramsdale.

“I found it a bit strange when Arteta avoided talking about Aaron Ramsdale. He just talked about how well the team played. It was awkward.”

Later, Arteta did talk more about Ramsdale in his post-match press conference. But it didn’t stop people from discussing Ramsdale and Raya. Many were confused when Arteta chose to replace Ramsdale, especially as Raya hadn’t performed remarkably since joining in the summer.

During the game against Brentford, Aaron Ramsdale seemed a bit out of confidence. This was disappointing considering how well he had played in the past few years.

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