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Cesc Fabregas with huge praise for Mikel Arteta as Arsenal get ‘close’ to greatness

Cesc Fabregas has given his opinion on why Mikel Arteta’s team are different this season in the title race.

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Ex Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas
Image Credit: Getty Images

Former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas believes the club is on the cusp of a return to its glory days under Arsène Wenger. The Gunners are in a prime position atop the Premier League table with just seven games remaining, 

Having witnessed Arsenal’s recent performances, Fabregas, who made over 300 appearances for the club during his eight-year tenure, expresses satisfaction at seeing his former team challenging for major trophies once again. He notes a notable evolution in Arsenal’s style of play this season, particularly highlighted by their recent performance against Manchester City, which caught him by surprise.

“Slowly, slowly you see that this team is growing,” Fabregas told Standard Sport. “This is 100 per cent a fact.

“You see the way they are competing in a different manner. The way they prepared the game against City, even I didn’t expect it. I was expecting a completely different approach, but you see that they are managing maybe the situations a little bit better.”


Fabregas emphasises Arsenal’s growth, crediting the coaching staff and players for adapting to different situations and finding effective solutions. He believes the team is close to achieving something significant and commends them for becoming one of the most enjoyable teams to watch and compete against in Europe.

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“They are getting this experience, the coaching staff and the players, to find different solutions. It is great to see and I do think they are very close to getting something very soon.

“They are on the right way, 100 per cent they are getting there, 100 per cent they are now Arsenal. You go around Europe, you speak to coaches, top teams, fans and they will all say that Arsenal are one of the best teams to watch and compete.”

While acknowledging the intensity of the title race with Liverpool and Manchester City breathing down their necks, Fabregas remains optimistic about Arsenal’s chances. He praises Mikel Arteta’s coaching abilities, placing him alongside top managers like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, and credits Arsenal’s management for standing by Arteta during challenging periods.

“It’s so tight, three teams full of quality who hardly lose points. The last five years it has been about two teams, really — Liverpool and City — so it is fantastic to have another one in there to create this.

“City maybe have the best fixtures, but Arsenal are proving [their title credentials]. They go to Brighton and win 3-0 by being very solid.

“Maybe experience will also come into it, City always seem to peak at this time of year, when things get serious. We will see, but it is fantastic to see Arsenal getting involved in this race.”

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