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Bukayo Saka reveals what he is doing to try and overcome his biggest challenge this season

Bukayo Saka has spoken on facing challenges against opponents this season due to his constant goal-scoring threat.

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Arsenal star Bukayo Saka
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Bukayo Saka has been facing a tough challenge so far this season with opponents marking him with two defenders to stop him influencing matches. Even with this difficulty, Saka has been doing well, scoring six goals and providing nine assists – more than anyone else on the Arsenal team. Saka says his secret is watching his games over and over again to find ways to play better.

In almost every game, he’s up against two defenders, just like Gabriel Martinelli with the two wingers heavily marked this season due to their continuous threat against opposition. Saka is determined to find new ways to handle the tough situations, recently finding himself in a similar situation in the game against Brentford.

Bukayo Saka: “I feel like a lot of games I’m facing a double team with two guys on me and it’s the same for Gabi (Martinelli). It’s happening in every game. I keep watching all my games back trying to find a solution, what I can do better.”

In that match, Bukayo says he had to stay patient and finally got some space and set up a winning goal for Kai Havertz with a great pass in the 89th minute: “Credit to Brentford, they defended well. So it took to the end for us to find a breakthrough, but we managed to do it so we’re happy.”

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While Saka works hard to contribute to goals, Arsenal’s defence has been really strong this season. The Gunners have only let in 10 goals in 13 games – the best in the Premier League! But on the attacking side, things have been quite tricky. Arsenal hasn’t scored as many goals as some of the other top teams.

Saka also talked about how their coaches are helping them play better against different teams: “Of course, each game is different but we know that we can be a lot better. We’re especially working on breaking teams down, but we’re still getting really good results and we’re top of the league. So we can be really happy.”

Despite this, Saka is positive because Arsenal is at the top of the Premier League.

Saka is optimistic about the rest of the season, trusting that when their injured players come back, Arsenal will get stronger. After Arsenal’s tough win against Brentford, Saka stated that it showed their determination to never give up, even when it’s tough.

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