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BIZARRE Premier League rule change revealed

The Premier League have introduced a bizarre new rule change which is set to change how set-pieces are utilised by clubs.

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A bizarre new Premier League rule change has been announced, and the decision is set to massively impact how teams utilise set-pieces in games.

The controversial ‘multi-ball’ system, which enabled ballboys and ballgirls to quickly return new balls to players when the ball goes out of play, has been scrapped, with players now being ordered to retrieve the balls themselves.

The new Premier League rule change will require players to fetch balls themselves from the nearest available cone around the perimeter of the pitch, to eliminate instances of numerous balls being on the pitch in-play.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta arguing a decision with the referee

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While this is good news to ensure the smooth flow of games, hence the reason for the rule’s introduction, it could see teams forced to adapt to how they utilise set-pieces.

Some of the most famous moments in recent football, like the now-legendary “corner taken quickly… Origi!” would not be allowed under the current rules, given the influence of quick-thinking ‘ball assistants’, as the Premier League refer to ballboys and ballgirls as.


Arsenal have been known to utilise and exploit set-pieces under set-piece coach Nicolas Jovar, but could now be forced to change how they approach these scenarios given the new rule change.

Some fans have criticised the decision, with one person on social media claiming: “Nobody asked for this… why do it?” While others have supported the need for more flow in the game.

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