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Arsenal to make major changes in next season’s kits

Arsenal will reportedly make major changes to the club jersey for the 2024/25 season

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Arsenal Away 2024/25
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Arsenal fans can expect a nostalgic touch on all of the team’s kits for the upcoming 2024/25 season, as the iconic cannon will replace the traditional club crest.

While the cannon emblem has made sporadic appearances in the past, notably on last season’s away kit, it’s now set to feature prominently across all three kits, according to James McNicholas reporting for The Athletic.

However, this switch isn’t signalling the permanent demise of the club crest. Reports indicate that while Arsenal intends to celebrate the cannon emblem next season, there are no plans to permanently replace the club crest. Changing the crest would involve extensive consultation with supporters, significant expenses, and there’s currently no indication that Arsenal intends to take that route.

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Despite the emphasis on the cannon, the club crest will remain a vital aspect of Arsenal’s identity and will continue to feature prominently in various contexts, including on the artwork adorning Emirates Stadium.


Arsenal’s decision to highlight the cannon emblem is part of their broader effort to acknowledge cultural references, club history, and tradition, aiming to resonate with fans on a deeper level.

This move follows a trend seen at other clubs, such as Manchester United and Liverpool, who have incorporated alternative symbols on their kits in lieu of their traditional crests.

The upcoming season’s home kit will retain the classic red and white colours but will introduce a blue stripe on the front. Additionally, Adidas shoulder stripes will transition from gold to blue, while the white sleeves will extend down the sides of the shirt.

In terms of the away and third kits, the away kit is rumoured to be black with red and green accents, while the third kit will feature aqua with light purple and navy blue details. Notably, the third kit will also see the return of the original Adidas trefoil logo.

With these updates, Arsenal fans can anticipate a blend of nostalgia and modernity in their team’s attire for the 2024/25 campaign.

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