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Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus receives indefinite gaming BAN for alleged cheating

Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus has been banned indefinitely for an alleged cheating, and the Brazilian striker has appealed the ban.

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Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus
Image Credit: Getty Images

Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus has been banned from the popular first-person shooter video game Counter-Strike for alleged cheating by the promoters Valve. The Brazilian forward, known for his love for gaming, reportedly spent £30,000 on in-game purchases, including a customised M4A1-S Hot Rod gun valued at £630.

Following the ban, Jesus revealed on social media platform X that his counter-strike account received a VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) ban, and he pleaded with the developers to review the situation and lift the ban.

The ban reportedly occurred around the same time Jesus was on the field helping Arsenal secure a 5-0 victory against Crystal Palace on Saturday, January 20, 2024 at the Emirates Stadium.

Despite his ban from Counter-Strike, Jesus continues to share his gaming experiences on Twitch where he regularly streams sessions with compatriot Neymar, attracting a substantial audience.

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Confirming the ban, Counter-Strike skin trading service CS.MONEY has reported that the in-game items attached to Jesus’ account are worth around £29,884 all of which are now lost unless the ban is overturned.

Getting a VAC ban overturned is not easy, with Valve typically refusing to overturn bans unless there is obvious evidence of a mistake by the game-promoters which will only be sorted out after a review.

Both parties have refused to reveal full details of why the Arsenal star was banned, or of course, if he actually broke any of the Steam terms of service that would warrant a ban.

Arsenal fans, however, have expressed mixed reactions to the news, with some expressing frustration over Jesus’s ban, while others hope the incident prompts him to focus more on his on-field performances.

Jesus will aim to regain his scoring form when Arsenal faces Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League on Tuesday before a crucial match against Liverpool FC on February 4, 2024, at the Emirates Stadium.

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