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Arsenal star shares he prefers doing anything else rather than watching football at home

Arsenal star has disclosed that he engages in intense competitive games with his wife when he is at home and will not let her win

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Arsenal defender Benjamin White has disclosed that he engages in intense competitive games with his wife, Milly, rather than tuning in to watch football during his downtime at home.

The England international, who joined Arsenal from Brighton in 2021 for a hefty £50 million, has become a key player for Mikel Arteta with his versatility and adaptability in various positions on the pitch.

The defender is known for his quiet demeanour, dropped the bombshell that he never watched football in his youth and continues to abstain from it now. Despite the initial scepticism surrounding his transfer fee, White’s performances on the field have silenced critics, contributing to Arsenal’s solid defence and accumulating almost 100 appearances since his arrival in North London.

In a recent interview, White shed light on his unconventional approach to leisure, stating, “I know people say I don’t like football, but I go home, and football is not on my mind. I can just be a normal person, relax. When I’m in here, it is intense.” 

Arsenal defender Ben White

Arsenal defender Ben White (Image credit: Getty Images)

The 26-year-old defender emphasised his competitive spirit, honed since his youth, expressing a determination to win in all aspects of life, including games with his wife.

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“That’s one of the best things I’m able to do. My missus and I play a lot of games at home, and I won’t be letting her win. I remember being young and always wanting to play aggressively and do as much as I could to win,” White affirmed. 

White’s journey in football includes a stint in midfield at Leeds under Marcelo Bielsa, on loan from Brighton, before transitioning to a central defender role at Arsenal. Discussing the positional changes, White credited Mikel Arteta for the seamless transition and downplayed his individual contribution while stating the technical intelligence required for any player to fit into Arteta’s system.

“When you have Mikel as your manager, it is quite easy as he makes it simple for you. Most of the players could play in that position because the key, if you want to play for Arsenal, is that you have got to be so technically gifted, strong, and fast. Most of the players could do it.”

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