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Arsenal record huge financial loss worth more than £52.1million 

Arsenal have announced a loss of £52.1 million in the financial report for the 2022/23 season, surpassing the figures from the previous season

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In a financial report released by Arsenal, the club disclosed a loss of £52.1 million for the 2022/23 financial year. While this figure represents an increase from the previous year’s £45.5 million, Arsenal attributed the rise to an “impairment write-down” on “certain player registrations,” amounting to £18.1 million.

The reported loss before tax, excluding exceptional items, stood at £34 million, showing a notable reduction from the £45.5 million recorded in the previous year. A significant boost in matchday revenue was observed, reaching £102.6 million and surpassing the £100 million mark for the first time in nearly a decade.

The resurgence in matchday revenue can be attributed to Arsenal’s return to UEFA competition, participating in the Europa League, leading to 24 home fixtures during the campaign. The women’s team also contributed to this success by playing eight games at the Emirates Stadium, including a sold-out Women’s Champions League semi-final clash against Wolfsburg.

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Broadcasting revenue experienced a substantial increase from £146 million to £191.2 million, accompanied by notable improvements in commercial revenues. Arsenal emphasised compliance with financial sustainability regulations set by UEFA and the Premier League in their official statement.

Investments in both the men’s and women’s teams contributed to a rise in wages to £234.8 million, still falling below the figures reported by Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea. The club achieved a total profit of £12.2 million from player sales and loans.

Arsenal’s successful campaign in the previous season secured a return to the Champions League after a seven-year hiatus. The club views participation in European football as pivotal to “re-establishing a self-sufficient financial base.”

The statement continued, highlighting Arsenal’s ongoing commitment to strategic investments, stating, “During 2022/23 and subsequently during the summer 2023 transfer window, the club has again invested strongly in the development of its men’s first-team playing resources. This investment recognizes that qualification for UEFA competition represents a prerequisite to re-establishing a self-sufficient financial base. We have also continued to invest strongly in Arsenal Women, and the women’s game continues to experience significant growth in interest and support.”

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