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Arsenal receives THREAT from Premier League on EFL financial deal

Arsenal have received a stern warning from Premier League to swiftly reach a financial agreement with the English Football League

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Arsenal and other Premier League clubs have received a stern final warning from Lucy Frazer, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, urging them to swiftly reach a financial agreement with the English Football League (EFL) or face imposition of terms by regulators.

In a decisive move, Frazer laid out the ultimatum to the 20 top-flight clubs, emphasising the urgency to resolve the matter. While discussions were held in London on Thursday to negotiate a new £900 million deal with the EFL, no decisive action was taken. 

However, clubs remain optimistic about presenting a viable proposal at their next meeting on March 11. Frazer highlighted the impending passage of the Football Governance Bill through Parliament, setting a deadline for action.

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Addressing the Financial Times Business of Football summit, Frazer stressed the importance of a mutually beneficial agreement for both Premier League clubs and the EFL. She highlighted the need for proactive resolution to avoid intervention by regulators, underlining football’s significance to communities over the centuries.

“It’s in the interest of clubs in the Premier League and the Premier League as a whole and EFL for football to sort this out. They can come to a deal that works for them and that is the right solution.

“If they don’t, the Regulator will. It’s in their interests to do this. We don’t want this to be an issue for the IR. We have been clear that football should resolve the issues in football. We want the Premier League and the EFL to come to a deal.

“The Bill is very much nearing the end. It’s really important we get this right because football matters so much to communities. It’s been heart of communities for 200 years.”

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