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Arsenal & Manchester City set new record

Arsenal & Manchester City set new Amazon Prime viewing record.

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The match between Arsenal and Manchester City’s a week ago was a match where the stakes were as high as possible and the numbers do not lie about how colossal the clash was.

Arsenal and Man City’s Wednesday night match was one for the Premier League season. After the first goal by Kevin De Brunye to make it 1-0 City, Saka converted a penalty passed Ederson to make it 1-1 going into halftime.

The second half was favorable for the Citizens, as 2 massive goals by Jack Grealish and Haaland made it 3-1 for Manchester City, pushing them to the top of the table by goal difference at the time.

The massive match was watched with lots of eyes. Amazon Prime Video reported that the substantial match broke its record for viewership of a Premier League match. The company reported 4 million viewers tuned into to watch the top two contenders go head-to-head in a title clash.

The previous record was in the 2021 season, between Manchester United and Arsenal, with the Red Devils winning 3-2 in December.

However, after a 1-1 draw to 18th place Nottingham Forest and Arsenal winning 4-2 at Aston Villa, Manchester City saw their first place spot quickly vanish.

The race for the title quickly heats up, and more viewers are tuning in than ever before!

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